Terecircuits is a privately held materials company

We develop processes and materials to support microassembly and mass transfer for displays and advanced electronics

Background and history

Terecircuits has a proud history of innovation in materials and process beginning with the first patents filed by Dr. Sheats in 2003. 

Building on her work with lithography and OLED characterization at HP Labs, Dr. Sheats envisioned a process whereby the mechanical mechanism of Pick & Place dominant in circuit assembly could be replaced by a chemical-based process.

Candidate polymers suitable for the device transfer application were first synthesized and tested at the University of Toronto in 2005.  Between 25 and 50 distinct compositions of polymer and photoacid generator were investigated over a 2-year period before arriving at one which had suitable properties.

Dr. Sheats co-founded her first startup, Terepac, in 2008 and over the next several years succeeded in developing a roll-to-roll process for manufacturing multi-chip integrated RFID-type inlays for Internet of Things (IoT) / Smart Card products.  By the end of 2013, the fundamental process had been successfully demonstrated in a commercial production setting, proving that the desired lift-and-release capability of the material functioned in a production tool.  

By 2015, Dr. Sheats realized that circuit design trends (smaller, lighter, thinner, flexible, hybrid) and the diminishing cost/benefit returns of semiconductor scaling (Moore’s Law) were combining to obsolete the dominant packaging &  assembly tools and processes.  Terecircuits was founded to develop the Photo-Polymer Mass Transfer process and meet the challenges of  building the next generation of products: collectively known as Industry 4.0.

Today at Terecircuits, we work with industrial tool partners and their OEMs to solve circuit assembly challenges by developing novel materials and processes at the boundary of what is possible.  In addition to continued work on advanced polymers, our IP portfolio includes encapsulation materials and liquid metal interconnects for the “More than Moore” generation of products.

Management Team


Wayne Rickard

Wayne Rickard is CEO of Terecircuits where he is responsible for identifying commercial applications and partnering opportunities. 

Previously, he was CMO at Formulus Black, Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing at MMI, and Chief Technologist at Seagate Technology, where he led a global staff accountable for strategy, engineering, business development, quality, support, and web services. He was also a founding executive and CTO at Gadzoox Networks, a pioneering company in the Fibre Channel Enterprise Storage market.

Rickard received his MBA from Pepperdine University and an undergraduate Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering degree from California State University, Fullerton.


Dr. Jayna Sheats

Dr. Jayna Sheats is the founder and CTO of Terecircuits. Dr. Sheats has broad expertise in thin film electronics, material science, microstructuring and continuous fabrication techniques.

Previously, she was cofounder of Terepac Corp, and VP of Manufacturing Technology / Associate CTO at Nanosolar, Inc. She spent 20 years in R&D at Hewlett-Packard Labs, where she worked on failure analysis of OLEDs, lithography and surface chemistry for superconductors.

She is a fellow of the AAAS, with a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University and BS degrees in Chemistry and Physical Sciences from Colorado State University. Dr. Sheats has authored or co-authored 60 journal and book articles and holds 50 patents.