A complete microelectronic packaging and assembly service for the era of the Internet of Everything

The internet of Things promises to change our lives as much as computers themselves, by giving almost any object powerful new capabilities without changing its aesthetics or diminishing its original function. These requirements are uniquely satisfied by Terecircuits' integrated multichip circuits, which are a fraction of the size and cost of conventional products: as thin as paper, flexible, and small enough to merge seamlessly into anything from jewelry to industrial tools, yet with no loss of performance, robustness or reliability.


Silicon thinner than paper


Components the size of a salt grain

Robust and reliable

Solder-free interconnects

High performance

More compact assembly; better signal integrity and lower power consumption

Flexible design process

combining close-spaced components from any technology in the assembly process, not in silicon masking

Low cost

Highly automated, streamlined process

25 micron thick microprocessor next to a sheet of paper

160 micron square microprocessor, 25 microns thick, next to a grain of salt

In the area of this chip is enough room for all the transistors in the original IBM PC, using standard IC foundry processes today.